Board Meeting Highlights

September 23, 2021 - Annual Meeting

  • Officers and Directors were re-elected as follows: Tom Olson, President; Al Drum, Secretary; Eric Benn, Treasurer; Ed Brodsky, Director
  • Activities as follows: VVH flora hike and VVH fall hike in September and October of 2020; February 2021 snowshoe hike; high school geology hike and bird fest hike in June, 2021; canoe trip in August, 2021; mid-September forest and soil lore hike, information on plants and fungus, wildlife and predator/prey activity and forest decomposition. In the future, a late September 2021 women’s Sunday morning session, an early October hike, and a future February 2022 snowshoe trek are planned.
  • NLDC construction includes a geothermal heating system for the new building, offices where the showers used to be, and improved housing cabins complete with new washrooms. A new nature center is coming.
  • Rachael has joined NLDC staff, and is a skilled personnel professional as well as a fine naturalist
  • The Hemlocks is financially healthy with a strong membership base
  • Carly Lapin, Regional Ecologist, DNR, reports that physical hand cutting by weed-eater effectively removes hemp nettle and seems overall to be superior to chemical eradication. Sugarbush Trail is heavily infested with hemp nettle, and must remain closed to summer traffic indefinitely.
  • Sugarbush Trail may be able to sustain foot traffic in the winter when hemp nettle cannot be spread; signage needs to be changed to alert users that warm weather use of Sugarbush Trail is prohibited, but that perhaps winter use is okay

May 17, 2021 - Regular Meeting

  • Hemlocks had a net income of $2547.16 for the year ending 3/31/21, providing a robust balance. A total of thirty memberships was recorded.
  • Hemp nettle infestation on Sugarbush is uncontrollable at present, requiring trail closure for the foreseeable future.
  • Bob Horswill welcomes any volunteers to help in hand removal of other controllable nettle patches.
  • There may be opportunity for chainsaw certification classes for trail maintenance volunteers
  • Trail signage on both the west and east trail systems has been significantly improved.
  • Programs in Hemlocks are planned for perhaps six to ten outings this year.
  • The Discovery Center building renovation and expansion project is proceeding; additional funding is being sought.
  • Four board members having expiring terms this year are willing to serve an additional term: Tom Olson (President); Eric Benn (Treasurer); Al Drum (Secretary); Ed Brodsky (Board Member).
  • The 2021 Hemlocks Annual Meeting will be held at the Pipke Park pavilion on August 15, 2021, 4:00 P.M., picnic included