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Phenology and Nature Notes by Discovery Center Staff

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10/15/18: First overnight snow accumulation (gone by mid-day)

10/10-13/18:  Peak leaf color this week!

10/10/18: Tamrack trees' needles turning yellow

10/4/18: First snowfall

9/23/18: First good frost

9/6/18:  Tagged the last 5 monarchs- 2018 totals: 66 males, 46 females (two of the monarchs tagged in September of 2017 were recovered in El Rosario Mexico on 2/20/18!)

9/1/18: Dark eyed juncos arriving

8/27/18: Nighthawks migrating through

8/21/18: Snapping turtles hatching!

8/15/18: Monarchs are beginning to be tagged here

5/28/18: Star flower and bunch berry in bloom

5/20/18: Fringed Polygala in bloom

5/16/18: Tree frogs calling

5/15/18: Toads trilling

5/14/18: Chestnut sided warbler

5/13/18:  Bald eagles attempting to nest on Osprey platform on Statehouse Lake

5/12/18: Baby painted turtles emerging

5/9/18: Baltimore Orioles, Scaups on Statehouse Lake

5/8/18: Rose breasted Grosbeak

5/7/18: Black throated green warbler

5/5/18:  hummingbirds and hermit thrush call notes

5/4/18:  Ovenbird, 2 common merganser pairs on Statehouse Lake

-ICE OUT on Statehouse Lake!

5/3/18: Northern Flickers - nuthatches collecting nesting material

5/2/18:  Ruffed Grouse drumming

5/1/18: Along the Manitowish River: Hwys H & K to Island Lake:

-snapping turtles, dragonflies (mating), caddisflies, black burnean warblers, yellow rumped warblers, least yellowlegs, beaver and muskrat activity, spotted sandpiper, hooded mergansers, cedar waxwings, chipping sparrows, killdeer, kingfisher, common yellowthroat

- temps in the 70's, still some large snowbanks along driveway, some snow still in the woods- lake still covered with ice.

4/30/18: spring peepers and woodfrogs calling, big brown bats active!

4/26/18: Eastern Bluebirds spotted

4/25/18: Common mergansers

4/24/18: Buffleheads, tree sparrows and eastern phoebes

4/23/18: Tree swallows

4/22/18: Loons back!

4/20/18: Goldfinches singing

- fist butterfly at the Center- species unknown

4/15/18: Dark eyed juncos

4/14/18:  Red crossbills carrying nesting materials

-big snowstorm- several feet of snow in woods still

4/13/18: Blue Wing Teals

4/9/18: Brown creeper calling!

4/5/18:  Osprey flying over Hwy 51 south of the Discovery Center

4/4/18: Great Blue Herons and Sandhill Cranes spotted in the area

3/31/18: 12+ more inches of snow- about 2 feet still in the woods!

3/29/18: Grackles returning

3/23/18: Redwing Black birds back

3/22/18: Woodpeckers drumming

3/21/18: Local red fox was at the end of the driveway with a red squirrel in its mouth.  Also, first chipmunk spotted by Ryan up at the shop!

3/17/18: First American robin at the NLDC

3/13/18: Still several feet of snow on the ground!  Ryan regroomed the ski trails today- good condition!

3/12/18: Tapped the maple trees

3/9/18: Eagle courtship display near Rest Lake (clasping talons while spinning towards the ground)

3/5/18: Canada Geese on the Manitowish River

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