Phenology and Nature Notes by Discovery Center Staff

11/21/22: Statehouse Lake is frozen over for the year!

6/1/22: Swallowtail butterflies are out!

5/31/22:  While we haven't seen monarchs yet, the small milkweed plants are covered in eggs!

5/20/22: Fringed polygala in bloom, bog plants starting to bloom

5/11/22: Birds singing this morning: black throated green warbler, yellow throated warbler, nashville warbler, redstart, least flycatcher

5/10/22: Trout lily, Dutchmans breeches, bloodroot, and spring beauty flowers starting to bloom

5/09/22 - first painted turtle rescue from Hwy 51 - hummingbirds in Presque Isle - first yearling fawn

5/02/22 - Ice is off the lake and spring peepers are in full swing

4/25/22  - wood frogs and peeper calling

4/24/22 - salamanders in the ponds in the forest - eggs being laid
4/22/22 - Loons reported to be back in what little open water we have

4/20/22 - Winter wrens singing; salamanders on the move over the snow

4/18/22 - hermit thrushes and yellow rumped warblers singing

4/12/22: Northern flicker, tree swallows, eastern phoebe, tree sparrow - birds just arrived!

4/11/22:  Super windy today, going to be cold, wet all week- snowpack is down, some bare spots on campus, but still quite a bit of snow in the woods and in piles.

4/9/22: Second boiling session this weekend- 4+ more gallons of sweet syrup!  This is down near Tomahawk- but we heard brown creepers, golden crowned kinglets and barred owls monkey calling.

4/8/22: Winter won't let go, it has snowed the past few days, several feet out there yet.  The redpoll irruption is still strong, with several hundred at the feeders daily!

4/7/22: Purple finch and almost bright yellow male goldfinch joined the feeders!

4/6/22: Pine warbler reported by Mark, Bird Club president!

4/4/22: Wood ducks reported

3/26/22: First sap boil at Naturalist Licia's family land!

3/20/22: Last day of winter, sunny and close to 60!  Temps will go down to the twenties for next week.

3/15/22: Sandhill cranes spotted on the Manitowish River!

3/12/22: Taps can finally go in the trees, as next week daytime highs will be in the 40's!

3/5/22: Frozen ice/rain falling from the sky- shut down the Northwoods!

2/20/22:  Redpolls by the hundreds!  Really seem to like nyjer seed the best.

2/11/22: American marten caught on trailcam at VanVliet Hemlocks (last seen in November on camera)

2/5/22:  Snowstorm while hiking at the VanVliet Hemlocks, extremely fresh bobcat tracks appeared on the trail!

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