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Phenology and Nature Notes by Discovery Center Staff

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11/13/17: First skier, on about 2 inches of snow

11/10/17: Statehouse Lake around 80% covered in ice

11/7/17: Ice starting to form on Statehouse Lake

10/28/17: First measurable snow (about 3 inches)

10/10/17: First good frost, temps in the 20's

10/6/17: Peak color (although it isn't that great, cool, wet late summer/early fall)

10/3/17: Snapping turtle hatchlings emerging from their nests and heading to the lakes

9/27/17: Fall native wildflowers in bloom: Black eyed susan, new england asters, woodland sunflowers

9/25/17: Salamanders migrating to their winter ponds/lakes

9/23/17: Temps in upper 80's!

9/22/17: Snow bunting migrating through

9/12/17: Found the final monarch caterpillar of the season in the garden

9/11/17: Tamaracks turning gold

9/10/17: Hummingbirds pretty much gone for the season

9/9/17: Wild Asters in bloom

9/8/17: First frost of the year

8/29/17: 124 monarchs released so far this season!

8/24/17: Nighthawks migrating through

8/21/17: Solar eclipse!

8/16/17: Leaves changing colors and falling

8/10/17: Hazelnuts ripening

8/1/17: Bunchberry berries are out

7/28/17: Bullfrogs Calling

7/26/17: Canada Goldenrod Blooming, Wild Blueberries Ripening

7/21/17: Indian Pipe Blooming

7/18/17: We released our First Monarch Butterfly! (Male)

7/10/17: Black eyed Susans Blooming, Blueberries starting to fruit, Milkweed Blooming

7/5/17: First Monarch Chrysalis

7/2/17: Cicadas Calling

6/18/17: Orange and Yellow Hawkweed

6/12/17: Monarch Butterflies are back

6/10/17: Snapping Turtles Laying Eggs

6/8/17: Yellow Water Lily Blooming

6/7/17: Green Frogs calling, Fireflies

6/6/17: Starflower, Bunch berry

5/29/17: Tiger Swallowtail

5/26/17: Bog Laurel, Blueberry Blooming, Tree Frogs, Veery, Robins Fledging

5/25/17: Trillium

5/23/17: Cottongrass, Fringed Polygala, June Beetle, Belted Kingfisher on Manitowish River

5/16/17: Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Jack-in-the-pulpit, dragonflies

5/12/17: Wood Anemone, Chestnut-sided Warbler

5/11/17: Black-throated Green Warbler

5/10/17: Overnbird, Wood Violets, Wild Strawberry, Winter Wren, Canada Mayflower

5/8/17: Leatherleaf and Barren Strawberry

5/6/17: Dandelions, Black Morels

5/4/17: False Morels

4/30/17: White-throated and Chipping Sparrows, Tree Swallows

4/27/17: 3-5 inches of snow today

-White-crowned Sparrows migrating through

4/24/17: Trailing Arbutus in bloom

4/22/17: Yellow-rumped Warblers, Blue-spotted Salamanders coming out of hibernation

4/17/17: Golden-crowned Kinglets, Pine Warblers

4/16/17: Turtles sunning themselves!

4/13/17: Song Sparrows, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

4/12/17: Northern Flickers, Osprey on nesting platform, Hermit Thrush, Wood Frogs

4/11/17: Fox Sparrows, 5-6 inches of snow last night but it melted by mid-day

4/10/17: Ice out on Statehouse Lake

-Crocuses blooming

-Dark-eyed Juncos

4/7/17: Spring Peepers/Chorus Frogs singing

4/3/17: Phoebes and Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers

-Woodcocks doing courtship displays

4/2/17: Boiled sap, Sandhill Cranes, ticks out, chipmunks out

4/1/17: Robins singing (have been around since February, but now singing)

-Woodpeckers drumming for mates

3/20-4/1/17: Collected maple sap

3/26/17: Grouse drumming

3/25/17: Bear tracks!

3/23/17: Common Redpoll and Purple Finches back

3/20/17: Brown Creeper has been hanging around the program office!

-Two geese flying over center this morning

3/7/17: Snow is almost completely gone!

2/17/17, 2/19/17: Temperature was 54 degrees today!

2/14/17: Pine Siskin at NLDC feeders

2/10/17: Robin spotted at North Lakeland School

12/9/17: Statehouse Lake is completely frozen

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