Nature Center

Discover a world of adventure and learning inside our Nature Center!


Meet Our Animal Ambassadors

Myrtle, Wisconsin's Endangered Ornate Box Turtle, Maize, our senior corn snake who loves kids' programs, and Tudley, our unique resident missing his front feet. What other animal ambassadors might you find in the Nature Center?

Explore Our Exhibits

Climb a spiral staircase up a majestic white pine tree to an eagle's nest, crawl through an underground tunnel, and wade into a beaver lodge to marvel at the fish swimming by.

Play in the Nature Nook

The littles will love the Nature Nook, filled with soft play areas, building blocks, scavenger hunts, and wooden toys.

Stop in to meet our live animals!

  • Maize the Corn snake
  • Myrtle the endangered Box Turtle
  • Painted and Musk Turtles
  • Clarence the threatened Wood Turtle
  • Fresh Water Fish
  • American Toad
  • Tiger Salamanders
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