Van Vliet Hemlocks Organization

Original Board Members


Current Board Members

Tom Olson, President
Phil Sobocinski, Vice President
Al Drum, Secretary
Eric Benn, Treasurer
Ed Brodsky, Member
Bob Berdan Member
Allen Eschenbauch, Member
Bob Horswill, Member
Licia Johnson, Member
Sarah Johnson, Member
John Heusinkveld, Rep. for NLDC
Ronie Jacobsen, Rep. for VVLA

Founding Members


  • Diane Muri and John Aldridge
  • Ken Alix
  • Nick Andrew
  • Mike and Pam Baeten
  • Bob and Darlene Berdan
  • Denny and Catherine Breitholtz
  • Ed and LaVergne Brodsky
  • Frank and Lylas Brown
  • Jeff and Jorja Burke
  • Brett and Deanne Bussler
  • Paulette M. Cary
  • Ronie Jacobsen and Michael Czarny
  • Alan and Sue Drum
  • Al and Pam Eschenbauch
  • John and Dona Fagan
  • Steve and Nancy Frank
  • Marcia Grear
  • Bob and Linda Growney
  • Carol Heitman
  • Al and Julie Hillery
  • Bob and Merrill Horswill
  • Sarah and Cal Johnson
  • George and Pat Kupfer
  • Ann L. Milne
  • Victoria and Mark Minsloff
  • William and Susan Niemuth
  • William and Anita Nohava
  • Otto and Linda Novak
  • Richard and Carol Novak
  • Andy, Lisa, Emma and Sophie Olson
  • Eric, Kristin, Nathan, and Mackenzie Olson
  • Judy and Jim Olson
  • Mike, Jen, Hudson, and Britta Olson
  • Barbara and Tom Olson
  • Melinda Pearce
  • Jim and Sarah Rose
  • Mark and Marjean Schuelke
  • Steve Smithson
  • Paul and Sharon Specht
  • Jim and Kathy Sprester
  • Phillip Stark
  • Robert Stewart
  • Gayle Strand
  • Bob Twelmeyer
  • Mark Uscian
  • Dave and Kathy Vogt
  • Jill Wilm, Lin Ahlstedt, Howdy, and Sparkey
  • Phyllis Zeiss


  • Carlin Lake Association
  • Crab Lake Association
  • Friends of Armour Lake
  • Van Vliet Lake Association


  • Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin:
  • C.D. Besadny Conservation Grant
  • Paul and Alice Olson Memorial Fund
  • WI Board of Commissioners of Public Lands