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The Executive Director is the chief executive officer of the North Lakeland Discovery Center (NLDC), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in Manitowish Waters, WI. Our mission is to enrich lives and inspire an ethic of care for Wisconsin’s Northwoods by facilitating connections among people, nature, and community. The E.D. will provide visionary leadership over the operations of the NLDC and will implement its mission and strategic goals, subject to guidance and oversight from NLDC’s Board of Directors. The E.D. will manage and supervise all aspects of NLDC’s operations including programs, personnel, budgets, fundraising, membership, marketing, and facilities.

The position is year-round FT salaried. Minimum 40 hours/week. Pay is commensurate with experience and education. Benefits include Health, Dental, 401K, LTD and STD, plus life Insurance.

Please submit a 1-2-page resume, cover letter, and completed application questions to jobs@discoverycenter.net. The deadline for receipt of the application package is Wednesday, January 31, 2024.


The North Lakeland Discovery Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich lives and inspire an ethic of care for Wisconsin’s Northwoods, through the facilitation of connections among people, nature, and community. Our 63-acre site is located in the heart of Wisconsin’s tranquil Northwoods, set within the 240,000-acre Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest. Members and the public are invited to enjoy, explore and challenge themselves on our 12-mile trail system, maintained for wildlife viewing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

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  • EXPERIENCE the Outdoors—We believe exposure to the outdoors is necessary to the health of people, families and communities. We facilitate outdoor activities and opportunities for individuals and groups – accessible to visitors, residents, members and the public. We value the region’s ecological resources and natural areas; and promote activities aimed at overall experience including education, recreation, social engagement, and reflection/renewal.
  • A Broad Definition of COMMUNITY—Through thoughtful program planning, outreach and an open and accessible organization, we encourage people to see themselves as part of a community that cares for our Northwoods water, wildlife, and woods. NLDC embraces Aldo Leopold’s definition of community, which “enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters, plants, and animals, or collectively the land.”
  • Commitment to SUSTAINABILITY—We make choices that foster conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony. We believe ecological care and economic viability create the foundations for sound decision making. Our decisions and plans for growth keep sustainability at the forefront.
  • Power of PARTNERSHIP—We engage with non-profits, service organizations and governmental and educational bodies that further our mission and values. We strive to build off each other’s strengths, creating a broader-reaching influence and a greater impact on Wisconsin’s Northwoods people, community and environment. Through clubs and volunteers, we build on service to visitor and membership communities.
  • LIFELONG LEARNING—We are committed to teaching and providing guided and self-guided opportunities for all ages that develop and facilitate participant commitments to lifelong learning. Research shows that active learning techniques, opportunities for perspective taking and the chance to positively reflect and interact with diverse peers of all ages and backgrounds fosters a joy of learning

Our Location

14006 Discovery Lane in Manitowish Waters, about one mile north of the intersection of Highway 51 and County W, across from Rest Lake Park.

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