Minocqua, WI

Background and Interests

My experience is broad and vast with over 30 years of experience as a wildlife conservation biologist working to conserve endangered species and to protect the habitats upon which they depend.

Professional experience includes work in Hawaii as the Hawaii Wetlands Manager for Ducks Unlimited, Save Our Shearwaters Coordinator (Kauai, Hawaii). I also worked as the State Endangered Species Biologist for the state. My duties were to manage programs focused on the recovery of Hawaii’s endangered birds through captive propagation and reintroduction and also on habitat restoration.

Another area of expertise is in captive management and propagation of endangered birds and other wildlife as the Curator of Crane Conservation at the International Crane Foundation and the Associated Curator of Ornithology for the Wildlife Conservation Society (New York Central Park and St. Catherine’s Island Wildlife Survival Center, Georgia) where we focused on captive propagation for release back to the wild. At ICF the main focus was on the recovery of the Whooping Crane and the conservation of other endangered crane species around the world. At WCS I focused on the propagation of rare Asian hornbills and also African Crane Species, which ultimately lead to the release of Wattled Cranes back in South Africa and the establishment of new propagation and rehabilitation centers throughout S. Africa.

In addition to being passionate about protecting wildlife and in particular birds, I’m also a painter and wildlife photographer. I teach Asian Watercolor Painting and am always taking photos as reference images. Another passion is also writing natural history articles, my latest one was published for the Friends of Devil’s Lake State Park Newsletter (SP 2014) which can be read at the following link.

Reasons for signing up for this program

To learn more about Wisconsin Natural History since I’m new resident in Wisconsin and also to meet more LIKE-MINDED people interested in natural history. I will also be involved in wildlife conservation, either as a professional or as a volunteer.

Specific naturalist areas of interest

Birds, Environmental Education, wildlife hazard prevention (disease prevention and glass collision prevention), providing natural habitats to support healthy populations of wildlife, developing conservation plans especially for the protection of endangered resources on private lands, bird watching and natural history writing.

My nature slogan that might change the world!

I believe we have a moral responsibility to live more wisely with wildlife.