Sandy Atkinson

Residence:  Madison, WI/Oxbow Lake, Presque Isle, WI

Personal:. A Wisconsin native who grew up in Wausau, she holds a BS in Medical Technology and an MBA from UW Madison. Throughout her career she’s lived in a number of states east of the Mississippi and visited many others, but she always “comes home” to Wisconsin, where she has always appreciated the diversity of environments and the wealth of natural resources.  Throughout her youth, trips to the Northwoods were much-anticipated adventures and instilled a respect for the natural world and a sense that everything is connected to everything else.

Why become a Master Naturalist?  Had she not chosen to pursue a career in health care she would have chosen to study biology, botany, or ecology. Now in retirement, the Master Naturalist program is her opportunity to pursue these interests and contribute to Wisconsin conservation. Our state is part of one of the largest freshwater resources in the world, and helping citizens understand its importance and the fragile nature of this resource is a personal goal.

Something to think about: A team makes work efficient but is not self-sufficient