Residence: Crandon, WI

Career:  President of Northwoods Lake Service, an environmental compliance laboratory in Crandon

Father of a college age son.

Ron moved to Crandon from Green Bay at age eight.  He grew up in a hemlock cabin deep in the woods and learned the lore of the North from his dad.  Now, he enjoys wandering in the woods with his own son.

Water resources are important to Ron professionally, as his firm performs water testing for homes, schools, tribes, and municipalities, using techniques including gas liquid chromatography and mass spectroscopy.  His company provides a lakes education outreach programs to the three school districts in Forest County, where Ron also gives programs on American history.

Ron enrolled in the Master Naturalist Course to re-learn what he had forgotten about natural history, and says the course “brought my brain back to life.”  He originally learned about the North Lakeland Discovery Center from a good friend, and now wants to spread the good work of the Center by bringing ideas for environmental learning back to Crandon.

Favorite references:  Golden Guides on Pond Life and Non-Flowering Plants.

Ron’s wish:  “I wish people would have more respect for the natural world and get a better understanding of the science behind environmental issues”.