Boulder Junction, WI

Background and Interests

I worked as a medical technologist at University Hospital in Madison for 39 years. While in Madison I was active in the Sierra Club, and with that group made many trips to the Northwoods for canoeing and skiing. I met Al through the Sierra Club and finally joined him full time Up North in 2007. We have one son, David, who lives in Seattle. Things I enjoy include hiking, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, bicycling, playing ping pong and pickle ball, reading, traveling and playing mahjong with friends.

Reasons for signing up for this program

The course sounded interesting and the presenters very good. I enjoy learning more about the natural world. It’s one big puzzle out there! I believe that the more people know about nature, especially the WOW parts, the more they will love and appreciate it. Hopefully this will lead to more teaching and, finally, to conservation. I hope to be part of this cycle. I also enjoy participating in Citizen Science projects.

Specific naturalist areas of interest

I’m fascinated by the WOW things – like that some frogs freeze solid, gold finches sleep in snow caves, and that some butterflies migrate 2000 miles – and love learning how these things are possible.

I am especially interested in wolves, bats and monarch butterflies.

We participated in the Volunteer Carnivore Tracking Program for several years. We have an active bat roost and have participated in the Acoustic Bat Monitoring and Bat Roost Monitoring Programs.

We have established a small prairie on our property and the last few years I have raised and released hundreds of monarchs.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught” (Baba Dioum)

My nature slogan that might change the world!

It’s spring, go play in the mud!