Background and Interests

Elementary teacher, MA Reading Disability Teacher. Someone who values time in nature, visual aesthetics, love music & travel, being active, a mother & grandmother.

Reasons for signing up for this program

I have a special connection with nature where time spent has always been therapeutic. I was a teacher/naturalist at my local nature center in Iowa. I knew I would enjoy learning more & perhaps having the chance to share with others.

Specific naturalist areas of interest

Camping, biking, kayaking, sailing, geocaching, cross country skiing, new experiences.

What has been the highlight of your WIMN training?

Each speaker has added some new slant or interrelationship to the nature knowledge I already had. They loved their content area which really makes the material come alive. The bonus has been to share the experience with other nature lovers who have, in turn, enriched my experience.

My nature slogan that might change the world!

Time in Nature is a gift that helps create an enriched life.